Welcome to Estonian Banking Association!

Estonian Banking Association (EBA) was founded on July 3, 1992 by 21 commercial banks. EBA is a full member of European Banking Federation (FBE)

EBA has currently 12 member banks who represent approximately 98% of Estonian banking sector's assets.

The mission and the primary objective of EBA is to promote the development of banking activities, to improve the banking operations of our member banks and to institute good business practices and ethics.

Current key activities of EBA

  • FBE membership
  • Concordance of Estonian law to EU directives
  • Anti money laundering
  • Cooperation with the Consumer Protection Board
  • Cooperation with tax authorities (electronic exchange of information)
  • Good Banking Practice
  • Partnership with the Bank of Estonia
  • Payments and standards
  • Guarantee Fund
  • EBA remains an important data source